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The Power of Word of Mouth

Word of mouth can either make or break a business. Word of mouth is very important especially for new business, or new owners of a business, it has an effect on business like no other marketing strategy. It is something that costs your business nothing to generate, apart from providing great service and quality products.

With social and digital platforms being very popular, and the freedom to talk and post reviews instantly, this can add another level to word of mouth. The truth is you will always have people that are not happy with your service, the key here is to ensure that if they have posted a review on Facebook or google that you reply, explain that you apologise for the issue and that you are willing to help them out in the future. By replying this way you are ensuring that other possible clients or customers who see this understand that you are aware of this issue and happy to help, in some ways it gives the control of the situation back to you.

An example of how strong word of mouth can be is in my parents business, they took over a small repair shop that didn’t have a positive word of mouth behind it. Dad had worked there since he was 14 and had just taken 5 years break from it before buying it. For years we had told him that his name alone would ensure he gains work if he went out on his own, he didn’t believe us until recently. Over the past 12 months the only marketing that we have undertaken is a sign on the gate saying under new management, but yet he is booked out 6 months in advance. This is simply because people have found out via word of mouth that he is the new owner of the business. My dad is always happy to help people out no matter the time of day or night and this has ensured the power of word of mouth remains positive.

Word of mouth can make your business authentic, by a customer recommending your business to another possible customer, is stronger than any other marketing strategy you can implement. One thing that i tell my clients is to gain reviews from customers, whether this be on Facebook or Google or via email, this is a tool you can use to strengthen your word of mouth!

With people recommending and reviewing your business, this adds another personal level for you, it can enhance for you the strengths and possible weaknesses within your business and give you some ideas on how to improve.

Word of mouth is very powerful and a strong aspect within your business, it can mean your business can be striving or dying. One review can change a lot about your business, it can also give you as the owner some reassurance of your strengths within the business and also give you ideas on areas to improve. Use social and digital media to your advantage and ask customers and clients to give you reviews on these platforms, it can make your business authentic to other possible customers and clients.

Thanks for the talk!

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