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The Importance of a Website:

Websites for businesses is another way to advertising or sell your product or service, this for most online businesses their shop front and their point of sale. Thus very important to the overall brand and experience that your business is aiming to offer to customers.

Some businesses forget that while marketing on social media platforms is good and can draw in business, the call to action for most of your advertising is to your website. This is a place for your customers and clients to gain more information about your product /service and other means of contacting you.

Social media platforms can only give customers and clients a limited amount of information about your business, rather than being forced to scroll through posts to find out more. By having all your information and product details listed on your website this can give the customer a more detailed look into the products and services that you offer. The more information you give your customers/clients the more likely they are to purchase through you or ask you more questions.

It is important to have a welcoming landing page, this is the page in which the customer comes across first, this page should give your customer enough information regarding your business, whether this be in words or images. The theme for the website should be carried on throughout the entire website and based on the brand you have already established with your business.

It is important to have an idea of what it is you are looking for in the design and layout of your website before approaching a designer/builder. I encourage my clients to have a couple of websites of inspiration, this allows me to have greater understanding of what it is they are seeking and wanting from their website. I also ask my clients what areas or items from these websites they like the most, whether it be the flow of the website, the style or feel, I will then try my best to incorporate this into the end result for their business website. Another piece of advice, don’t be afraid to question your designer, whether this be on the price of service or if you want clarification over a design, you are hiring them for a service!

Websites can often be forgotten after the initial set up, and to be honest a business can change a lot within the first few months of starting up. At the beginning you can have so many ideas and plans, but once you start to get an idea of the products or services that will work best for your business, this information needs to be updated on your website. By having up to date information this ensures that your not promoting a product or service that you no longer offer, over products and services which you now offer.

When was the last time you updated your website?

So my advice this week is to go and update your website!

Thanks for the chat!

Talk next fortnight!

Laura xx

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