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Is Doubt Our Friend? or Our Enemy?

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Can doubt be our friend?

The last minute of doubt is a killer let's be honest!

It's that moment of make or break, 'I'll wait till tomorrow, in a week or in a month or maybe even next year'. This is what I call the doubt game of tag.

The truth is when will you be 100% ready to launch your business, when is the right time to start? Why do we question ourselves and rely so much on other people's opinions and comparisons? How do we turn doubt into our friend?

I believe this happens to any business owner, I know for the past 20+ years my father has continually gone down this path of doubt. He would always get to a certain point in the planning process and our little friend doubt would show up. He would then start questioning if it was the right time or the right place or if he will be able to provide enough income to support our family. The truth is so many of us do this, we stop following our dream because we doubt ourselves. I myself have been doing this over the past few weeks, I keep reaching a point when writing this blog, well not this one exactly but 100 others (all you will be able to read soon i'm sure) and then our friend doubt comes to visit. I started to question why I was putting it off till tomorrow or Monday? My truth is this I was not 100% confident in myself, my knowledge, my writing and I started to compare myself to others.

Why is it we so frequently compare ourselves to others, other people or other business. It is important for us as business owners to compare our business with similar businesses. This is to analyse what they are offering to their customers, how they are marketing themselves, how they operate and what is or isn’t working for them. However, during this process we often forget what isn’t working for them and analyse why this isn’t working, it is important that we do this same analysis with our own business to ensure we are fully aware of how our business is performing. By doing these comparisons you might find that what is working for you might not be working for your competitor. As good as it is to compare and analyse your competitor regularly, don’t let it take over. Don’t let this analyses turn into doubt, it is a tool for you to use to help improve your business.

When doubt creeps in, take note of it, analyse it and learn from it. You can turn doubt into your friend, most of the time when you doubt yourself there is a reason behind it, you might not be 100% confident in what it is you are doing. So my suggestion is to take it on board and understand what this reasoning is. You wouldn’t be a good business person if you didn’t doubt yourself and your ability, grow with it and evolve from it. You might feel that every time you doubt yourself you are going backwards, but this might not be the case, by changing your mindset and allowing the doubt to teach you something and help it to evolve your business and yourself into a strong business person. Just don’t let it own you!!

Thanks for the chat!

Talk next week!

Laura Xx

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