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How Can Switching off Improve Your Business?

Over the past couple of weeks I have been reading Thrive by Arianna Huffington, this has made me think about remaining mindful within all aspects of life, from our business to our home life.

For so many of us small business owners we have let the our business take over our lives in every aspect. We remain consumed by our businesses, even in situations and times when we should be present, our mind is still in business mode.. All our conversations with friends and family start to revolve around your business and switching that off is hard.

At the beginning of starting your venture, it is important to talk about every aspect of your business with everyone. This helps you to become 100% confident in yourself and your business. You will be working crazy hours and taking all the opportunities and time you can to grow and expand your business.

We often forget the reasons behind starting our own business in the first place, for most of us it is to be able to spend more time with family, or we are simply following our passion. It is important to remember that you are working on your own clock and you set the time and the plan, we often forget all of this. Our family and loved ones can only handle so much, with all conversations turning towards the business, it can take a toll on them and your relationships with them. By remaining mindful of this and ensuring that the conversations can be on other subjects and putting them first can be a big positive, not just within your relationships but also within your business.

It is much harder for us who work from home to learn to switch off our business brain, we haven’t had the drive home and change in environments to assist in the change of mindset. I have found by having even 10 minutes either sitting outside with a cuppa or reading a book, has helped me to change this mindset from working to home. The continual urge to answer that email or print that invoice is always nagging no matter if you work from home or your place of business is elsewhere. We have to register that our business is a continual working machine and will always need attention, but you also need to switch off and walk away for a bit, or otherwise your passion for business will become a chore.

One tool I have adopted and even when I was studying I would do this, one Sunday a month I switch off my phone and have a ‘Switch Off Sunday’. This helps me to regain myself and stop my mind from focusing on more than one thing at a time. It also helps me to truly relax and be present, whether we go camping, getting out in nature or picking up the book I have been busting to read, by switching off my phone and computer allows me to just simply be. I was surprised the first time I had a ‘Switch Off Sunday’ at how rejuvenated and refreshed I felt on Monday and how clear my head was. It also has made me more mindful when I am on technology at what else is going on around me, not often now do I check the message I received mid way through a conversation. Because that message can wait 10 minutes until I have finished talking to the person directly in front of me.

I know some of you are thinking but what if someone messages me a question about a product? The truth is it is Sunday and you have a right to have a day off! If it is that urgent most people will know of other ways to get in contact with you. Reading Thrive has made me question again how we have become a 24/7 society? We now find it rude if someone doesn’t immediately reply to our message that we sent at 2 am, we are always expected to be plugged in and on. This cannot be a good thing for our mental and physical health, and certainly not a good thing for any business owner. When you have no down time your brain is continually going, and you are not thinking the clearest, this is one sure way to burn out and not grow your business into what you dream it to be.

So my advice for the week is, have a Switch Off Sunday and enjoy it!!!

Thanks for the chat!

Talk next week,

Laura Xx

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